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Contemporary artist Sandy Palasti was born and raised in South Orange, New Jersey. Sandy pursued a career in surgery and practiced Pediatric ENT in Charlotte, NC for 14 years. When she retired at 45 years of age, Sandy began a series of creative explorations, finally finding her truest expression in creating abstract paintings. 

Self taught, Sandy applies an almost scientific approach to her art, experimenting in acrylics, inks, pastels, and oils to create abstract florals, figures, and landscapes. Sandy’s bold and unexpected use of color evokes memory and emotion while her gestural strokes add movement and vitality to her work.

She has participated in The Palm Beach Show, The Hamptons Fine Art Fair, and The Other Art Fair Dallas.  You can find her work at Five3 Gallery in Laguna Beach, ADC Fine Art in Cincinnati, Steidel Contemporary in Palm Beach,  and Liza Pruitt Gallery. 

She lives with her husband and her dogs in Charlotte, though never far from her daughter in Austin. When she isn’t in her studio, you can find her out on some hiking trail, deep into her latest podcast obsession!

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