This is not how I thought I'd turn out.

I went to med school and trained to be a surgeon, all sharp angles and left brain. In order to be the best doctor I could, I had to board up the playful and vulnerable parts of myself and put them on a shelf for many years. After all, there's no daydreaming in the operating room! 

Ever since I retired, I have tried to get back to my true self through art. Now I paint to uncover the layers within me. 

Color, line, shape, and texture represent the nuances that exist within all of us - the hard and the soft, bold and fearful, the serious and the playful. I love the interplay between the veiled and the opaque, symbolic of what we choose to show to others versus what we hide.

Careers, children, relationships all siphon off parts of ourselves, so much so that we may forget who we are and what turns us on. I would love viewers to view my work and rediscover those parts of themselves.